I’m working on a new layout..I actually got one working & then well…it wasn’t working lol. i’m in a pretty good mood & i have a lot to talking about. I got a new camera & i’m excited, in a way, to take pictures of myself. I’m tanning & that really boosts my confindence. I just want to state right now that I don’t have an eating disorder or anything but i’m just trying to get to where i’m confortable with myself. Here’s a few stats just if you wanna know a little more about me:

Height: 5’8″1/2

HW: 152 (16 y/o)

LW: 119 (18)

CW: 143 (now, 19)

GW1: 130 (april 30)

GW2: 125 (may 15)

UGW: 118 (june 1)

Total weight loss: 25 lbs

Ok…well i was in a good mood until I just went and weighed myself… That’ll do it for ya i suppose. I really haven’t weighed this much in a long time..

I got a job at a bar as a bartender. I really don’t have any expierience all i know is just a few drinks & shots. Theres a bar meeting tonight & i supposed i’m gonna learn how to do some stuff. I don’t want to embarass myself by making something gross because i know that people will give them back and i can’t say that i blame them cuz i would too i supposed. I need to go shopping to get some “club” clothes. I don’t really know what to wear or where to go shopping for them cuz theres not really anything around here. We have forever 21 & wet seal..i guess i could look there but i have to get some money first. Me & 3 girls are looking for a house to move into in May. I’m super excited. I hope they don’t back out or leave me out. I’m never going to buy any food & obviously I won’t eat any of thier food. I’ll put my money straight into the bank when i get it. I want clothes & accessories more than i want or need food. I don’t need food. I’m taking stackers right now..mostly to keep me awake but to help with the weight loss too. I’m about to start my period too. Maybe thats part of the weight gain. I’m going to take some pictures of myself before my parents get home from work. I might post them…but probably not. sorry…


i’m doin pretty good I’m the lowest i’ve been in a few weeks. I started this site at 142-145 & this morning when i woke up i was 139. i know i’ll gain throughout the day but its better than it has been & i’m going to the tanning bed too. it boosts my confidence.

Hey all… This will be my third xanga. Everything was going fabulous …then i discovered beer & thats about it lol well i’m just trying to get everything set up. Fix my layout. Join a couple blog rings & well I know no one really reads or uses xanga anymore but this is mostly just for me & if i happen to make a few friends well..thats cool too. I’ll update this post or add another one or something to tell yall a little bit more about myself & maybe even add some pictures but first i gotta figure out all these new contraptions first!!

Hi everyone! I’m just getting started on Xanga… Drop me a comment if you’ve got some ideas on what to do first – or just to say, “Hi!” 🙂