well…i don’t even really know what to say. I haven’t lost any weight & its because i haven’t done jack shit.

B: apple jacks 2% milk

L: tuna salad    doritos

D: taco bell =( cheesey beefy melt & a hard taco…ew..cheesey beefey melt..it even SOUNDS awful!

S: 2 no bake cookies

& now I’m eating some cottage cheese

I played softball today with some friends it was pretty fun even though it was slow pitch & it was awful!! I’m planning on getting up and running tomorrow morning since i don’t really have anything else to do I don’t have class till 9 so if i get up at 7:30 i should be fine..or really I could get up at 8 and just run around town and then to school cuz i have gym classes all day tomorrow so its not like anyone would actually know if i smelled bad & i usually don’t sweat anyway. once i get back into working out the weight should fall off. It always did in the past I just never ever do anything any more & its getting disgusting. I’m still tanning just about every day. That makes me a lot more confident because I’m normally realy pale so its just a little confidence booster. plus i think it makes me look better. like thinner. When i cut weight in the past I wore a bracelet to remind me what was worth working for & it really helped too. So I’m going to make another one tonight. I strive for inner peace. Remember being happy? .yeah me either…& honestly I don’t remember ever being genuinely happy. & that is so sad. I usualyjust pretend & I fool myself into believing that its the truth & it feels good. Imagine if that was actually for real??!!