I’m a little proud of myself today…slightly. But no matter how hard I try theres always that little fuck up..whether its some M&ms or ice cream or whatever its ALWAYS SOMETHING! I didn’t eat until about 6:30 today. Thats my new technique. The longer I can go in a day without eat = the less time i have to eat if I don’t eat after a certain time. I’m trying my best to be in my room every night i’m not out or working at 10pm. That way I can’t eat. I’m cleaning my room now. I want it to be spotless. Then I can tell myself. NO FOOD in the room. It will get dirty and you just spent so long cleaning it. My room will also be more comfortable.

I bought a book today. Its call “skinny”…theres a green popscicle on the front..its kinda cool. I want to start reading it tonight. I heard a new song today too. Its by Rilo Kelly & its called Jenny, you’re barely alive. & i really like it..Download it if you think about it, its pretty good.


veggie salad with very very little cheese & fat free italian

fuckup- 1/2 of some kind of mocha coffee thing (i could even taste the calories!!)

& 7 peanut m&ms

horrible, but better than i have been doing..

Still no pictures yet..Maybe after I get my room cleaned & some stuff organized…still no shorts either


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