Intake atabout 4pm:

noodles broccoli & carrots with cheese sauce

strawberries (no sugar at least)


wow…last night was rediculously um ironic?? we & B went to my friend Justin’s know, the one that i kinda have a thing for but don’t want to pursue cuz he’s going to the army very soon & he’s into a lot of bad stuff & i’m easily influenced lol..hope that didn’t confuse you too much! well me & B went to his house he had a few people over me & her mixed crown royal & cream soda (highly recommended!! even if you don’t like cream soda cuz it doesn’t really taste like it) & it was pretty cool..well we only just kinda chilled at his house becuase it was pretty lame & the weather was crappy & he didn’ feel well so it was pretty boring.. I’m super proud of myself though..all of his friends were smoking pot (i don’t reallylike that any ways but i do it sometimes) and snorting pills (which i have to say is a little more my style) and i didn’t do either of them!! YAY me!! even though i was offered SEVERAL times!! wow..i sound like a super druggie in that paragraph..thats horrible! & i’m really not i’ve only done those kind of things like a few times like…less than 10.


Me & B left his house & came back to town where we went to the bar & hung out. We just kept ordering Coke & we took our bottle of crown in with us & just kept mixing it ourselves..well we finished the bottle between the two of us…she’s a lot smaller than me she’s probably about 5’4-5’6″ and i think like115 pounds..i look up to her i wish i looked like her. She has long dark hair & is really thin and lean. Before we finished the bottle my friend Scott called me. Him & his finance broke up…like they always do…& so we went & picked him up (becuse he lost his license) & brought him back to the bar with us. He got really drunk lol & me & B were still pretty cool even after we finished the bottle & moved onto beer I had 3 coors lights. Well me & Scotty sortof…hmm i don’t really know what I’d call it..I guess a “history” would be the best word forit. We just have random makeout sessions..nothing more. Well last night in the bar he kept trying to make out with me & i’m not really one for PDA because i don’t like to watch it so i assume other people don’t either but that wasn’t the point. I told him the point was that he only talked to me & called me & aske me to hang out when him & his g/f break up. & he said back (talk about fooot in mouth) “well, when me & her broke up tonight, you were the first person i thought of” WTF!! imean granted he was drunk and all but wayyyy to make me feel like shit lol! Any way at the end of the night me him & 2 other people went back to his apartment & hung out for a while then we went into his bed room & just talked & made out. We talked about his X & if I thought that me & him would ever work out & he just kept telling me about how much he liked me & shit…He kept trying to take it farther than making out & i just kept stopping him because I’m not that kind of girl & well…to be completely honest i wasn’t that drunk.. which is kinda sad to say. Wow i’m trashy… What the hell happened to me since I got into college??

any way I didn’t stay at his house even though he wanted me to..he practically begged me to. He just kept saying “Nothing will happen I promise. I just want someone to lay with.” I did kinda want to lay with someone too..its been a while. But for ONCE i listened to my better instincts. YAY ME!! & thats all lol


I’m going to have a salad before I go to work with fat free italian dressing. LOVE IT!


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