i’m exhausted..why am i always so tired? ahh don’t answer that i already know the answer. I’m in the process of getting some hoodia. That should be good. I’ve been walking about 2-3 miles a day for the past 2 days..its nothing great but its better than nothing right? especially since i can’t seem to sum up enough will power to keep with a damn fast or a diet or anything. I’m working on keeping my calories between 500-800 daily..forstarters. apparently i just can’t jump into these things like i used to be able to. I suck! pictures of my non-fitting dress soon. i know ‘ive said that before but i mean  it this time.


no. i might be pregnant. i’m not going to have this child. it wouldn’t be healthy. I’ve done too many drgus and drank and smoked too much that there is no way. I’m going to starve it out of me. Now I have motivation. Damn EDs and their stupid messed up periodshit and too hell with pregnancy tests you can’t read worth a damn!! is it a + | or a -|     I don’t fcking know!! I can’t fucking read it. No worries. No nutrition= no baby!! fuck this shit I’m done…my lifestyle is changed!!


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  1. Hey! Thankyou So Much For My Comment, You Really Really Made My Day 🙂 You A Star * Keep Smiling, Everything Will Be Okay, Keep Strong ❤Alexa x x x

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