I can’t wait to move out. My parents are driving me nuts. I almost wish I was moving in by myself with just me & my dog. That way I would just buy no food & not have any in the house at all & i won’t have any money at all so I could just not eat. & starve. My mom thinks that I’m not taking my dog with me. She’s soooooo wrong. haha that damn dog is all i have & thats all there is to it. I’m not gonna stay in an empty house with a girl thats smaller than me & not have any protection. riiiight. We move in on the first. I wish he would just give us the keys to clean and stuff so that way on saturday we could jsut move in. but of course not…the house kinda smells…you can tell that the tennants before us had a dog or some kind of pet because it stinks!! i mean its not horrible but i’m used to living in a totally 100% disinfected house lol not a college student apartment. I’m going to go super clean freak on that house lol i don’t even want to walk into the bathroom i’mthat freaked out..i mean every one tells me that its not that bad but i’m kinda a germ freak. I bought a new toilet seat and everything lol.


L: nothing

D: 2 bites of  burger 2 pickle slices tuna & about a handfull of spicy doritos (the taste of spicy stuff stays in my mouth so i don’t eat for even longer)

i’ve never lived on my own so any suggestions for what i should go out & buy or some things i should consider??


FAST beginning at 9pm. I’m not setting how many days or how many hours becase then i just mess up. I’m just going to go till i drop. true.

2448610808a2449229863b709107410l.jpg c image by crystalbeachesx25l5I0173266-02.jpg skinny image by jailbatebabycake6frvkp4.jpg HIPPIE GIRL image by the1nonlyem23DENIMMODEL04.jpg hippie image by barnoski69<–that is exactlly what i want to look like..exceptblonde

hippie.jpg hippie image by slutty_cheergrew_thin_from_too_much_care_by_spa.jpg grew_thin_from_too_much_care_by_spaq image by pixelatedheartpictures

l_cf6392c96d1185c185125fe610e99a97.jpg Not Ki coz too thin. Is chanel image by Alicia233_Dormon


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