its SOO nice outside. I love it. Too bad I have to stay inside all day freaking cleaning! I’ll keep the windows & doors open too let some sun in & air the place out a little bit….but theres NO screens for the windows or the storm doors..ick BUGS! well I’m gonna head over to the house & i’ll have to write more in here later cuz I don’t have internet over there yet. which SUCKS! & i don’t know if i’ll even have it at all cuz its soooo expensive =( hopefully i can figure something out.. Good luck today! here are some tips to keep you from bingeing:

lay in the sun (as our body loses the nutrients it needs from not eating properly, our skin gets lighter & we begin to look sickly. So go out & tan a little, the sun is nice today! plus, you get some kind of vitamin either A or C i think.)

get cleaning! yeah it sucks but you’ll be more comfortable& at ease if your room is organized.

pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read

make a small thispo journal out of notecards & magazine cutouts or internet pictures

Go for a walk..but take a different route than you usually take. make things interresting. Go through a different neighborhood.

Doll yourself up. Sometimes its just nice to dress up & do your hair & makeup…plus it takes FOREVER lol


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  1. ahwee nice tips hunn<3=]and yeahh its nice to have my mom support the pills and stuff;but like she doesnt support me bingeing and then purging;she just ignores it;but if i dont clean up she gives me a bitch speachh ! haha

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