I need a new book to read. I finished Skinny about a week ago. I really liked it. Any suggestions on another one?

So today, went calorie crazy!!

intake: salad with ff italian

cookies & cream milkshake ew!

grilled chicken subway on wheat & of course i just HAD to have mayo on it

chicken sand & fries from mcdonalds AHH!!

no more no more no more.

I’m going to try the RussianGymnast diet starting Saturday that I’ve been hearing about. its

B: oj or apple juice

L: a fruit salad containing pealed apples, kiwi, strawberries & a few other things but i aready closed the sight & i don’t feel like bringing it back up

D: apple & a glass of juice

…sounds kind of high in sugar to me..but i guess at least they’re not empty calories. Most people lose 4-11 pounds in a week more with exercise of course. Its worth a try & plus I LOVE fruit

Today was kind of exciting and lame at the same time. Me & my roomate got into our new house to do some major & i mean MAJOR spring cleaning. Its sorta gross but our new place spelled like dog piss & gross stuff lol. There was still a lot of stuff that the old tennants had left, so we threw most of that out even though our land lord told us not to…I don’t care. I paid my money & i signed the damn lease I’ll do what i want with the place ya know?? There was just sooooo much stuff everywhere & you could totally tell that the old people never ever ever had the urge to clean. Today we mostly focused on scrubbing the walls, vacuuming the carpets, and cleaning & disinfecting the kitchen. I did a little bit in the bathroom, but its kindof hard because we dont have running water yet so we’re just using large buckets & filling them at our neighbors house. Tomorrow I’m going to try towake up relatively early..like 9 or 10ish (thats early for me) and go down to the house to begin cleaing again. (that burns a lot of calories believe it or not) and it keeps my mind off of eating. I’ll clean out the cabinets in the kitchen & the fridge…it stinks…BAD lol. then i’ll probably move onto the windows. I need more natural light! umm next will be cleaning my to-be room. Its hard wood so i’ll sweep & then mop it down with some kind of wood polish stuff. Hopefully by then our land lord will be there & he will start taking the left-over stuff to storage. I’m tired of it being in myhouse & if its not gone i’m going to throw it away. I’m not kidding! its my house now! & i know that sounds mean & bitchy but i don’t care I’m paying for it & that give me the right lol. I don’t plan on eating much because i want to drink a little tomorrow night. I’ll let ya knw how it goes & maybe even post some pics of the new place..its kind cute. & it will be awesome once we get it done & decorated =)

peace, love, & luck


she’s precious..she looks like a barbie doll


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