What is wrong with me?! I’ve finally found a place in my house where I can get a relatively decent wireless signal. Well from now on I’ll be writing in here ever day. I’m here at my apartment all by myself without my roomate or any one. It seems like it would be lonely…but its really not. Its actually sortof comforting. I just pretty much sleep all day. Really I do. Well not sleep but just sit in my room in bed and do nothing. But I guess that is better than eating right? I usually dont eat these days until about 5:30 or 6. Thats when my roomate gets home. & when i’m not going out getting drunk & doing drugs or working then I’m pretty much in bed sometime between 11pm & 1 am. I’m debating on getting a real job. I only work about 1-2 days a week at the bar &since schools out no one really comes there so I only make about $70 dollars a night…SUCKS! Once school starts it will be better. Except for the fact that I will actually have classes on days after I work so thatmeans gettng up at 8am instead of laying in bed all day. Well my roomate is on her way home so I’m gonna logoff here. I will probably write morelater. Plus I have to catch up on all of your lives! ❤ ya


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