I’m going to the beach in a month with my family. They said I could take a friend. I don’t have anyone to take. My roomate is way skinnier than me and she works so she won’t be able to take the time off. Its ok. I don’t want to have to entertain anyone but myself. I always feel like a loser though. Like…No wingman sortof…Not that I even want to think about talking to a guy there anyway. When I go to the beach with my family I just like to sit and chill and lay out and read & all that good boring stuff. Its just a time to relax before I go back to this hell hole place I call home. I had 2 pieces of pizza at 3:30. My roomate and I have been running/ walking for the last 2 days in the evening. Its actually pretty fun. We get out of the apartment & get to talk a little. I’m tired..


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