So I’m texting back & forth to Matt right now. He said I’m too “good” for him. WOW. I mean I’m not gonna just come right out & be like uh yeah I’m not as good  as you think  I am. I drink, I smoke, I do blow, haha I get wasted & have random sex…ha yeah…that might not be the greatest of pickup lines…soo i’ll just let him keep on thinkin what he’s thinkin’ it can’t be that bad right? Ha he just said “i know you’ll be bad enough of me. All girls your age are.”…sounds like he’s been gettin around with the younger crowd lol!


I’m leaving tonight at about 10. I just want to get this freaking over with. I had to take like $800 out of the bank today! it sucked!! I need a real job. Not just my2 nights a week gay ass bartending job..I’ll make more money once school starts & students start coming back. but thats not for quite a while. I can’t wait to get all of this over with and continue losing weight so that my roomie (size 0) and i can start wearing all the same clothes instead of just shirts. Maybe write more later if i have time. My laptop is dying…


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