I went to my parent’s house today finally..I haven’t been home it seems like forever. I walked in and my mother said “oh my! have you been losing weight?” I must have looked at her like she was half retarded. I was like “No, are you kidding me?” She said I looked sick or something. My parents have been happy since I started gaining weight back after last year when I really did probably look sick..and beautiful. I was curious and I don’t have a scale at my new apartment so I weighed myself. 132.2! I was like are you kidding me?? I’m fucking pregnant and I’ve lost almost 15 pounds in like 2 weeks??!! Then I really started thinking about it. I don’t eat. Barely at all. I throw up constantly & even if there was food in my stomach there isn’t after that…& i pee like every 30 seconds. Maybe I should’ve gotten pregnant a long time ago? sike! that was a really crude joke..my bad. I can’t wait to get tuesday over with. I’m leaving at 9 tonight. I’ll let you all know everything about it of course. Wish me luck. Everything will be ok.


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