On my own

I’ve lost 10 pounds in about a month. I’ve finally started using my resources that are available to me, like the recreation facility at my school. I’ve increased my endurance like no other. I forgot how good it felt to work out & be sore the next day. Unfortunately for the last week & a half I’ve been so sick that I barely even made it to some of my classes. I’m getting a lot better, but still have a lot of upper respiratory pressure. Valentine’s Day was terrible!..Not only did I not have a Valentine..no biggie I’m used to it, but I got pulled over & almost got a DUI!! I ahve to go to court on tuesday since I’m underage and voluntarily give up my license for 30 days and some other stuff to get all of this stuff erased from my driving and criminal record..Just my luck right? Its been a rough week to say the least. My parents are really disappointed, my ex thats in the army has been sending me stuff left and right, but changed his passwords on all of his stuff so now i can’t creep on him lol, and he won’t talk to me at all?? wiiiierd, another roommate just moved in which means drama times 10, I’m really stressed with school, but on the plus side I’m not going OUT drinking until st. patty’s day (i will probably have a beer here and there, but not get black out drunk like I’m so used to doing) Again, all of my friends from high school are getting married and having babies..I musta missed the bus.. I’m not ready for that I know, but I wish I was. I’ve been tanning also, and i just feel a little bit better about myself, until this past week that is.. Lately I’ve been alone a lot and I like it. Just me & my puppy. I’ll ahve to put some pictures up of him. He’s crazy and getting bigger by the day. While alone I realized how much I think..I know that sounds kind of stupid, but I just catch myself drifting off into thought about music, future, language, travel…All kinds of wierd stuff. I really need to start writing all of it down & thats probably what I’ll start doing. Well gotta go get ready for some pictures..yay..I hate having my pic taken..


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