Sooo today I went to court for my “driving with a measurabe amount” and another charge got brought up..GREATTT. My roommate took something from the station & now I’m getting charged with an accessory to the crime!! WTF!? I didn’t even know! UGH! She’s an idiot! I don’t know what to do. A part of me just wants to move back home ) :  but I don’t want it to look like I failed. Everyone was right. I never should’ve even moved out. I’m a complete failure. Why can’t I just get shit together & get it together RIGHT for once! I’m an idiot. I need to get caught up on my homework BIG TIME, keep eating right & working out, get this stupid court shit out of the way, and just get my entire life together! I’m stupid and foolish…and cold..really cold..I haven’t been warm since I woke up I hate days like that. Like when you wake up and can’t get warm all day. Well speaking of homework & stuff I’m gonna get some of it knocked out of the way. I really have to start going to class more regularly.


EDIT: Ohh today is totally the worst day I’ve ever had..& according to my lawyer theres more from where that came from. GREAT! PS Lawyers make AMAZING money..too bad I’d never be able to get into/pass law school. over $200 an hour! and thats just for my dinky old dude..i can’t even imagine people that do those huge case like OJ Simpson & shit.  craaaazyyyy. I’m not drinking tonight & probably won’t be eating anything else today either. I know in the earlier post I was bitching at myself for not going to class, but I’m not going to go to my history class today. Its been such a long day. What I think i’m going to do instead is at 3 go tanning, then make a million jello shots for tonight. Those don’t take long to settle right? Then as soon as I finish that I’ll go get my nails filled. I should be done with that stuff by oh i dunno..5ish?..actually maybe i’ll do nails then shooters..cuz i need cups and jello haha and vodka that might be useful. & the party doesn’t start til 9:30 so i could probably nap til like 7:30 or 8 and then just run the curling iron through my hair & throw on some eyeliner & be fine. i don’t care anyway. I don’t have anyone to impress, let alone feel like impressing! ugh! people piss me off & boys are rediculous. I’m gonna date some little high school kid and corrupt him. At least then I would know he wasn’t a freaking man slut!


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