For some reason today was much better than this past entire like THREE WEEKS! I’m really glad. I mean, I had nothing to actually be happy about, but I just wasn’t as depressed as usual. I had a chicken wrap today on a tomato shell with fat free ranch dressing. Not the best, but not the worst either. Thats all for today. I was really proud of myself yesterday. I said I wasn’t going to drink & I really didn’t! That may not seem like such a big deal to some of you, but I honestly think I was a borderline alcoholic at the age of terrible. This world is so fucked up these days. Kids drinking & doing drugs at the age of like 10!! && a lot of times its with their parents! I used to be a pretty good kid. I would say my parents raised me relatively well. In high school, I didn’t do drugs. Well..once I took like a million of those coriceden pills or however you spell it. The ones that make you trip out real bad. Not recommended!..& I didn’t really drink either. Not til senior trip. That was the first time I got drunk. College though…now thats what really fucked me up. I almost wish I never joined a sorority. I mean, I would never have met a lot of the friends that I have & had the opportunities that I’ve been given, but in another way I probably wouldn’t have made the same mistakes that I’ve made. Oh boy, & believe me, they’re fucked up!


wow…so my ex  just called me..the one thats in the Army..annnnd then he hung up on me cuz I said that a word he made up was stupid.?? um yeah & I was the immature one? Whatever. I don’t even want to talk to him again. I mean, I would never wish anything bad upon him, but WE’RE DONE! What don’t guys understand about that?!! Its been over a year! DONEEEE! Okay, enough with that rant lol. I’ll change my website around soon. I’m bored with this one & need some bright colors or something.

HAH! I just saw the funniest commerical EVER! These girls are working at some kind of convenience store & they have name tags on “emma” and “julia” the one girl asks the other something & then her reaction is “Thats sooo GAY”.. so some woman walks up & goes “thats soo Emma and Julia” haha! Its something about not using the word gay to describe something GAY!!…rediculous.

Home now to clean real quick, especially my ROOM. Then probably to my rents real quick then back to campus to go to the library. EW! I hate school.


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