10 Pounds 3 weeks

whatarwe.jpg Anorexic image by blondexpunk


I remember doing that when I was a little kid. I even remember being really really sneaky about it. My mom would get mad when she walked in on me and I was weighing myself.

Today has been really mediocre. I’m bored & tired and all I want to do is take a nap. Its like one of those rainy days where you just want to lay around and do nothing. I’m not going to history class again. I’ve only missed it once & its not like I’m actually missing anything. I’ll go on the review day and learn stuff for the test and I will be fine. I hate/love classes like that. I like them, well, because I don’t have to go. && I don’t like them because, well, I dont’ have to go lol. I think I’ll go home, put a movie in, & take a well deserved nap. My brain is completely fried for this past week or so. I need to destress. Matter of fact I’ll probably pop a xanex & really sleep good. Wine & cheese party tonight with a fraternity. I won’t be drinking any wine & certainly won’t be eating any cheese. I may take some vodka or grab a beer or two, but I just want to hang out for a little while & try to keep my gut sucked in long enough to last through it without splitting the dress right down the seams..and its a freaking 5/6 and its tight!! That pisses me off like no other. I’ll probably post more later. but then again who knows.


Okay. Here it is. I normally don’t write how much I’m going to lose or try to lose or lost or anything like that, but I’m going to put it out there and say that I am going to lose 10 pounds in three weeks. I KNOW I can do it. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it agian. Nothing is going to stop me. I will keep everyone updated on how I am doing and on friday after I get paid I’m going to go buy a bottle of hydroxycut. I keep hearing that’s the best out there right now. Any other suggestions instead? I can’t wait to be 10 pounds thinner. I wonder what everyone will say. ESPECIALLY after spring break when they all come back. I’m not going anywhere so that I can work & make some real money. The rule at my job is when school is going on you can only have 20 hours a week & i usually don’t even get that many. So I’m gonna hit the jackpot during spring break. HA! My roommate better watch out! She’s getting fatter and I’m going to be getting thinner. I hate her!


One thought on “10 Pounds 3 weeks

  1. Thanks for the comment.  🙂  Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment back.Good luck with losing the 10 pounds in 3 weeks!  If you’ve done it before, you can definitely do it again.Take care!

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