Sooo I got home on thursday after my class ended at 4:15 and I walked into my apartment waiting to be greeted by the only being on this earth that doesn’t care whether I’m fat, skinny, crazy, insane, smart, dumb, single, a slut, drunk or dog..and he wasn’t there. He wasn’t anywhere to be found! I absolutely FLIPPED. I immediately called my roommate and asked where he was & all I got was “he was there when we left”…bull fucking shit! Then, the girl, my roommate’s friend, who just decided to move into the apartment without paying a fucking dime! walks in the door and says “I dunno dude, he must’ve just magically got out” yeah! right! I know my dog kicks ass but really? he unlocked the door, walked out, locked the door, & ran away?? get the fuck real!! So I ran all over my town for like 2 hours bawling my eyes out especially after I passed this house where these guys knew me from one VERY drunken night..I tried to pretend I didn’t know what they were talking about..but they knew it was me..It makes me sick just to think about it. I just wanted to disappear from the face of the planet right then and there. Well, any way, I called my mom in tears and she said she’d meet me at the apartment so we drove around for a while and I saw some girl putting up signs so I called then number and thank God they had him! I couldn’t have been happier. I felt like a mother who’s been reunited with her kid at the walmart customer service center lol tears of joy and all!

So right then and there I began packing up all of my clothes and everything to move back to my parents house. You can say whatever you want about me, chances are I say worse things about me myself, but the second you mess with my dog, Thats it! I still have a few things at the apartment & its been drama central ever since I left. She is soooo disrespectful, damaging, wearing, and using some of the things i’ve left. && my dad says I shouldn’t be too much of a bitch because we don’t want her to lie in court when I have to go in for my second trial.

I just want all of this legal stuff to be over with! I have an amazing job opportunity to become an au pair in Sicily. It would be the chance of a life time. I’m dropping out of school..yeah I know, everyone always says “you’re going to regret this”, but believe it or not my parents are actually supporting me on this. I’m not ready for college yet. I’m not doing well and its a shame because I’m actually a really smart person. I’ve always done well in school, but I’m absolutely miserable here. I’m going to go to class until the 27th which is the last day to drop classes so that I can continue to work and make some money to pay for my potential plane ticket which is around $1,600 !!! who the hell knew plane tickets were so freaking much??!! I mean damn! all to fly across an ocean? Maybe I should own an air line! I hope I make enough by June. Speaking of, thats another incentive to lose weight. I will be at their beach house the entire month of august, maybe even longer. Hmmm who knows, maybe I’ll meet a hot Sicialian man lol! Doubt it..I’m never going to meet anyone that compares to my dad & my dog. Haha good luck boys


*When people say you’ve changed, it only means that you’ve stopped living the way they want you to*


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