AH! I did great until I got home today! well actually until about 7! I didn’t eat anything, but gum all day until about 4. At 4 I had 1 cup of cottage cheese with 5 grapes. I took a nap cause  was exhausted then my mom  woke me up for dinner…Now I remember why I moved out. “I’m not hungry” doesn’t seem to work anymore. So I ate 8 fries, 4 fish sticks that were baked, and about 1/3 cup of cottage cheese. Not tooooo bad I guess. But then, the rest of the night it just didn’t stop! I had a glass of 2% milk, some m&ms, nire grapes, 5 pizza rolls, and then 3 more fish sticks! Will it ever stop? I wasn’t even hungry. I need to start working out agian. Especially since I’m dropping out of classes and not going anymore. …Well to make myself feel even worse about myself I’m gonna post some thinspo about what I’m supposed to look like:

ThinspoThinspoThinspoI LOVE this one..thats all i want

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI think this is a really normal looking girl..not too thin. That would be a great body to astrive to have.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketyeah riiiight!

tara-way-too-thin.jpgI heard a guy talking about her today. He said “Man, I wish every girl had that body”


Well if thats not good enough for me to get this food shit outta my head then I don’t know what is. Tomorrow I work starting at 9 so I’m going to go to the go mart & get a cup of coffee& put splenda in it && not eat again. I’m going to drink 4 bottles of water before 12:30 because that will mean I will be full for lunch & my body will think I’m not hungry. I’m going to dress cute tomorrow. Maybe a little sundress with a cute jacket. Its finally starting to warm up. I work until about 4. Then I will hit the gym & run..FOREVER. maybe burn about 600 calories on the treadmill. Anyone else know any high calorie burning exercises I should try? I’m new to the whole gym scene & I’m kinda scared to try wierd new things. So yeah..I’ll do that for about an hour, maybe swim for a little bit? I’d rather go to the pool with a friend instead of just me..That seems a little wierd especially since I don’t really swim well. I mean I can swim just not like olympic swim team or anything. As soon as I get some money saved up I’m going to go get some diet pills. I still haven’t decided which kind yet. Maybe green tea, maybe hydroxycut, or stacker. When I get home tomorrow night around 5:30 or 6 I’m going to try to stick with a big salad with fat free dressing or something & then stay busy getting all of my stuff moved in.


Good night.


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