Apparently 24 hours isn’t long enough for my fucking body to starve itself. 48 hours here I come. I found some aderal & if all else fails, I finally have money so I can get some blow! FML! I totally pigged out yesterday! I mean huuuuge So much that I don’t even remember..and i’m sure the huge quantities of alcohol, weed, and the cocktails of pills didn’t help with the memory lol. Soo starting at 3pm today My diet will consist of celery, water, water, water, cigarettes, beer and diet pepsi! .. & the celery is as a last resort..and the fact that my mother took stock in it!!? WTF she came home with like a billion stalks of it the other day..I pretty much laughed my ass off. Yeah..& I can’t, NOT drink. I can’t stay in my house. I have to get out of here! and if I stay here I eat, so end of story. Gettin the fuck out.

z182284576They both look so in shape. Why can’t I have self control anymore!? Where’d it go?


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