I havent eaten today & its about 4pm. I’m not trying to fast or anything cuz my friends and I are going to the mall & I know we’ll eat there. I’m kinda craving ice cream, but the girl I ALWAYS go get ice cream with on opening day & all throughout the summer of course, isn’t answering me. We’ve kinda both chosen different paths these past 2 years and she’s 30 miles up her boyfriends ass…who just happens to be almost 3 years YOUNGER than her…He’s still in high school & we’re college sophs. Maybe its just me, but I think thats almost like rape lol! Oh well. I guess that means no ice cream & thats really not a big deal . I obviously don’t need it any way. I took some pics of myself last night and these will be the first pics of me I’ve posted on here. Well, my new one at least. There were tons on my old one, but I was actually pretty thin back then.

018 Sorry its blurry. I didn’t have the flash on because it kept reflecting in the mirror. More pics to come sometime soon.


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