Just not eating

I’m just not going to do it. Thats all. I’m not & theres the end of it. I’m done being ME!..well, the old me. I was the new, improved, thin, tan, fun ME that I used to be. I did it then, why can’t I do it now? I’m done eating for today, no beer either as much as I’d LOVE to get absolutely wasted right now and forget about my shitty life. Tomorrow is as much celery as I’d like, no dressing of course and tons and tons of water. I finally have some money, so right now I’m going to go to walmart and get some diet pills. I’ll probably go with hydroxycut since thats what I’ve always gotten, but I might go with something different if I like something I see. I hate diet pills, but I’m getting desperate.


 more later. shopping time


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