shitty week..

I’ve had the crappiest couple of days EVER. My parents & I keep getting in fights. I hate/love being home I’m not sure which one though. I LOOOOVEE not having any expenses, but I hate not being able to walk everywhere like I could from my apartment, their rules, allllll the food! and so much more. I haven’t weighed in  for a while. I don’t want to. I know I’m fat. This summer I plan to be at the river ALLL day long every day that I don’t work. and I’m not about to do that FAT! There is this girl named Brieanna and she’s absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about her lol. its like I’m freaking obsessed I know, but I’m so jealous of her. She comes from a really wealthy family, she’s smart, an amazing dancer, incredible singer, she’s sooo thin & has this hippie vibe about her that I would KILL for! I don’t really know her, but I’ve seen her around & everyone absolutely loves her. Why can’t I be her?  


z14792456649z117016213-1collar bones!z181510669


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