Two new dates 🙂 I’m so excited!

May 5th = cinco de maio! There is a frat having their annual beach party and its going to be HUGE!..& what is NOT going to be huge is ME! =) This is such great thinspo! Its a little over 16 days and I’m going to shrink exponentially! Honestly guys & gals, the best excercise I’ve ever done as far as working the most muscles at once with the least amount of output is jumping rope. I know it sounds stupid, but it builds stamina, lean muscle mass, burns fat, and increases metabolism like nothing else I’ve ever tried. I remember when I was younger and did it for fun, after about a week I noticed that I couldn’t even wear my old pants anymore. & to beat that, they’re about 1/100th of the cost of a treamill lol. I’ll let you know my progress. I’m also stopping by walmart today to get some green tea pills because I’m hearing such great things about them and a bottle of _____. I’m sure those will help some too, while still restricting heavily.


July 16th-19th is this huge music festival like right in the middle of west virginia and ohio. Its called jamboree in the hills and yeah it sounds really red neck I know, but its this huge country music festival and I’ve been invited to go with my cousin and some of his GORGEOUS guy friends. I’ll be the only girl, so if I want to keep their attention on my I’ve got to be hot. I’ve been tanning and if I keep up the restricting and working out like I plan, then I should be in GREAT shape by then.


I just want to have fun and I can’t have fun because I’m always worrying about how I look or “does this shirt make me look fat?” My love handles are hanging over my shorts..etc. I’m going to be thin, tanned, with long sun-bleached blonde hair in short cutoff shorts, a cute bikini top, and my cowboy boots 🙂 I’ve got the perfect picture in my head and now I’ve just got to put the plan into action. Here’s some thinspo while I’m in a good productive mood.

1-10.jpg too thin:) image by foxy_roxy85Keira Knightley - true beauty or too thin?1349433954_f46aaea5a7_m.jpg Too Thin? image by thincressalynneLindsay-Lohan-Thinks-She-s-Too-Thin.jpg fthws image by gJackson_verizonbathingsuit.jpg bathing suit image by jewleeeuh


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