My brother’s, well, a really really good friend thats like a brother, dad died today. He was in a car accident. He was such a good man. His wife just up and left him with their 3 boys and he raised each and every one of them even sending one to college and caring for one who is mildly mentally challenged. He was such a good man! I don’t understand why these things happen to people!! Today’s been such an off day. I had to work, but I work in an office with a couch and all I have to do is answer a phone if it rings so I slept til like 11. I cant’ seem to get enough sleep lately. I think my pattern is off. I can’t sleep at night and can’t keep my eyes open during the day. I forgot to take my green tea pill earlier, but I’ll get it when I go home before I go work out. I plan on burning baout 300-400 calories on the treadmill, do abs and arms, then sit in the sauna for abotu 15-20 minutes. That should be decent. I’ve been doing sit ups at night too. I need to work on my thighs, but I don’t want to do weights because I want them smaller NOT bigger.

I managed to by pass my drug test last night..phewww. I’m almost positive i would’ve passed, but I’m not up for taking chances like that! I’ve continued tanning too, but I still feel and look HUGEEE. Usually when I tan I look a little smalled because I’m darker. Not this time. My tooth hurts. ICK. Intake so far has been a turkey wrap with no dressing, swiss cheese ICK, and lettuce. and lotsss of water.

Man I’m bored out of my mind just trying to get outta here. Good luck this evening.


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