WOW that was close! I’m sitting at work (haven’t eaten yet today) and my boss has this enormous box of “big texas cinnamon raisin” danish type things in the office. Well my stomach is grumbling & since I haven’t eaten anything all day I decided I’d probably give one a try. Well I was about to open then package then I reminded myself to look at the content and there’s, you’re not going to believe this, 440 calories!!! In one little roll thingy!! Are you freaking serious??!! I didn’t even eat that many calories in a whole day yesterday! Phew! I’m glad I looked at it before I opened it.

I need to plan out my food for this evening, because if I just go home and look for something to eat I’ll binge. I’ve been doing well lately except for late night snacking. I really need to just quit that!

I’m reading “The Best Little Girl In the World” Its really good. I definately recommend it.

New rule: No taking food into my bedroom!


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