50 hour fast with Roxylove16. Any and all are welcome to join. I’m actually going to do this one. I’m going to make it. Good luck to anyone else who decides to accept the challenge!

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Still fasting. Not even hungry. I slept FOREVER haha, but thats not always a bad thing for me, that way I miss breakfast and lunch & no one tries to ask me to go out to eat or anything.


Still keepin’ it rollin’. I just sent my sis off to prom with her date & friend & date. They looked good, both girls a little chunky, but not fat by any means. I miss high school. I never really took advantage of any of my dances. I never had a real date. Senior year me & my bf broke up right before homecoming so i went alone as the 5th wheel with some friends with dates and then senior prom i had a pitty date. He asked a girl on my softball team & she said no, so then he asked me  Kinda depressing when I think about it. Senior year I looked great. I was 5’9″ about 120 pounds long beach blonde hair, tanned as f*uck. & still couldn’t get anything. Now I’m finishing up my soph year in college, had a tanning package, but rarely went & i’m 20 lbs heavier..ugh! FML!. Well I was downstairs & couldn’t stay out of the kitchen so I just kept chugging glass after glass of water. I had about 4 & that kept me away from the food, but I’m still thinking about it. I keep telling myself at least make it through today, its not that freakin’ long. Only 6 hours til its already been 24, thats better than I’ve been doing. I’m not going to let anything stop me. On monday I’m going to give myself the reward of SUSHI yumm! I’ve been craving it and I was supposed to go out with some friends tonight for it, but they never called or anything..oh well. I didn’t need it & obviously i wouldn’t have been able to go anyway. I wouldn’t just go & sit there haha!..PROBLEM: I’m going with my mom & dad to a baby shower..well not your typical baby shower. Its called a “big belly barbeque” The lady’s not much for frills & fru fru stuff so they’re inviting men and women and theres beer haha! Beer? at a baby shower?? lol maybe I’m the only one that finds that high ironic and extremely hilarious! I know there is going to be food and its going to be sitting out everywhere!! I’m going to ask my parents to stop at go mart so I can get a coffee. That should suppress my appetite and I’ll try to drink it slowly so I still have a lot left by the time we get to the party so I can just sit and drink it. After that I’ll switch to a diet soda, but I will NOT let myself eat! I’ll take pleasure in watching people stuff their faces and get fat. I’m not going to cheat!

Stuff to do when I think I’m starting to get hungry:

[] clean out car

[] do laundry

[] put away clothes (that are still in the basement from moving out HA!)

[] post thinspo

[] print thinspo

[] go to the gym

[] take dog for a walk

[] start journal

[] work on resume

[] paint

[]make hemp bracelets

That should be a good enough list lol


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  1. Thanks for the comment.  🙂  I think you’re right…both my friend and I would probably be a lot better off if our friendship just died off.Good luck on your fast!  Take care.

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