Getting my hair cut today. Idk how short..not too short though. Bangs? or no bangs? That is the question

No bangs, just a trim & I STILL hate it because i feel like it’s too short. AND I’ve eaten like no other! Subway on wheat turkey with no dressing..not TOO bad, piece of fish…FROM LONG JOHN SILVERS!..a piece of fish wouldn’t have been that bad, but I just HAD to get fried fish from a fast food place!, and oreo shake, & some chex mix. ….ok REALLY?!?!?! So yesterday’s fast had no affect? at all? I guess I’ll be fasting again tomorrow. Goal: Shrink stomach to the way it used to be. Remember? You didn’t even WANT to eat & when you did you felt so full after the littlest serving. You can do it STAY STRONG.

I might be seeing my ex, the one that cheated on me & is now engaged with a baby on the way, next weekend the 17th. I’ve got to slim down a little before then. Like I’ve said 10 pounds by the end of the month, that’d be a good check point. I’m still not too sure if he’ll be there, but I’d love to see him & his FAT fiance..& no, not just fat cuz she’s prego, she was fat to begin with. I want him to see the mistake that he’s made. He left a girl with goals, a supporting family, a job, going to school , & had a head on her shoulders…(at least on the outside, but he never really got to expierince the inside thank goodness!) for a self centered, FAT, ugly, big nosed, 30 year old BITCH. I’m watching something on MTV about kids that have had stomach stapling surgery..this kid looks DISGUSTING!! & its after..all his sagging boobs & stuff, but you can see the bones in his chest. I remember being able to see mine, now I can’t see anything besides FAT 


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