ohh baby your a classic, like a little black dress but you’ll be faded soon.

ohh baby your a classic, like a little black dress but you’ll be faded soon.

Just saw that quote & I really really like it. I’ve cheered up a little bit when I’m keeping myself busy at least..& hey the depression sure has kept me from eating. Finally came across some adderall too! Some that I could actually afford. I’m trying to save it & use it only when I really need it. I always forget to take my green tea pills, but nothing works like those adderall do to control my eating. I need to find a legal diet pill like that. Anyone know of anything generally similar?

I guess you could say that I’m sorta, kinda, not really, almost talking to a guy? lol I don’t want to get anything started since I’m leaving in July of course, but its nice to have the attention. He’s at boot camp & has a job as a police officer when he gets out of training..which just happens to end in July..How convenient right? He gets to come home on the weekends and stay & stuff. We went out last night to a bar/grill type thing to watch UFC (which I’m madly in love with by the way) had a few beers & stuff & him and his friends definately had wayyyy more than me lol So I was getting ready to leave & I told him so he said “well let me walk you out. I have some things I want to talk about.” & when we get outside he tells me that he really  liked hanging out with me and wasn’t sure why he chose another girl over me when we hung out that first few times at the beginning of the semester and that he would like to start talking to me again…..UGH! I don’t know. I hate being picked second! Its like being the last kid picked in gym class, even after the blind kid with no arms..I mean REALLY? He’s really toned up since he’s been away. He works out and lifts all the time. He could still use to lose a little weight though…AHHAHAH!! who am I to be talking lol?! wow..Sometimes I just amaze myself.. Well goodnight girls. Tomorrow is a one meal day for me. Try to do it around 6 I’m thinking a piece of bonless skinnless grilled chicken breast (since the fam will have the grill set up) and maybe some corn or green beans or something of the such. PS I’m totally hooked on celery and fat free blue cheese dressing! only 11 calories per table spoon & I really don’t use much PLUS celery is negative calories! Try it.

Just watched Daliahskinny’s video post with rhythmic gymnasts in it. I used to be really really flexible like those girls. I think I’m going to start stretching a lot again. it was always fun to watch people’s jaws drop when I did some of those moves haha


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