Joining the Navy…

So, yeah, just as the title says, I’m joining the Navy. I went and talked to a recruiter yesterday and I’m ready to do it. I told my parents today. Dad was super hostile, all he said was “why” then left the room. And mom actually talked to me about it for a few then started to tear up. She thinks its a good idea. Like me, though, she wishes there was another way. We all know there isn’t. I don’t have money to pay for school, I’ve gotten in so much trouble, and I need stablitiy in my life. I thnk the worst part will be boot camp, but all  you have to do to pass the Physical part is be able to run 1.5 miles in a little over 14 minutes haha! I laughed when I read that. I was like umm yeah I pretty much do that on a daily basis times 10!! & push ups & situps of course. I think the pushups will be the hardest part of it, but I’m starting all of it now, that way I can be the best in my class and get some medals & stuff maybe? its 8 weeks long. Deployments are 6 months long and Navy bases are usually located in vacation type areas..duhh cuz they’re around water. I’m not expecting it to be all fun and games, but its what I need in my life. I’m not going to lie either. I expect the training to be terrible. I’m nervous as hell & scared to death, but I know once I do it I’m not going to regret it. Hell, they’ll have 4 years of my life. What good have I done in the last 4 years umm lets see, lose my virginity, start smoking, in & out of hard core eating disorders, move out, move back in, get pregnant, get an abortion, …yeah none of that sounds like a happy ending to me. I hope this works out…


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