I’m just so tired of being sad. Today really pushed me over the limit..once again..I’ve had tears in my eyes all day..since about 3 pm. I’m not usually one who takes what people say to heart. I don’t..I just don’t care. No matter what someone says about me I’ve probably said worse about myself, so that doesn’t bother me. I’m just so tired of being alone. I don’t need a boy friend, I don’t want sex, not a kiss or anything like that. I just need someone I can feel comfortable around. i just need a hug. A boy hug. Not one of those hugs your friends gives you that just lets you knwo that they’re there. One of those hugs that they just hold on a little too long, one of the ones where you body just seems to melt into theirs, where your head finds the perfect place right against their chest..That’s what I crave for..more than food, more than alcohol, more than pills and coke, I crave for a hug…and its the one thing that I can’t have.


I’ve figured it out. I’ve figured out my hunger weekness. I’m going to fast until I get a REAL compliment/hug from a guy. They’ll see. I can do it.


Come on girl. This you can do. Once you get what you need, then you deserve to have a taste of food. Then you deserve it.


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