Oh fabulous!! Now my mother thinks I’m on drugs! freaking great! I thought I had gotten stuff together, I have a good job, I’ve only called in sick 1 day and I think its because I’ve been working too much. I haven’t had a day off since last tuesday. I’ve only drank 2 nights in the past 2 weeks too. So pretty much I wake up around 2pm go to work get off at 2 am home by 3 bed by 4 and repeat..but apartently thats being withdrawn and I look like hell and I seem depressed! Um you’re just now noticing this mother??!! really? all of a sudden I seem depressed?? hmm what happened to the last 6 years of my life??! What I’m JUST NOW hitting rock bottom??! who would’ve thought?! Someone can actually keep all this inside for almost 10 years!!?? without letting anyone have a clue as to what was going on??!! Someone please help me.


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  1. Hey girll 🙂 I used to blog alot on this site before. And I plan on blogging a lot more often now. My mom’s asked me the same question. Luckily I have a sister who takes my side on these situations. Dont worry hun, we’ve all been through it..Anyways, wanted to say I like your page. 🙂 Stay strong love ❤

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