Starting over.

Yes, that’s right, I’m starting over. Everything. Weight management, tanning, beauty, exercising, and just LIFE in general. I’m going to start taking care of myself. Since taking my test for the military and only being 10points off from a PERFECT..well which is pretty much the story of my life. 10 points/lbs from being perfect..But I’m not going to stop there. I am going to start eating HEALTHY. I have to get ready for the Navy. I need to be fast, strong, well, and most of all MENTALLY READY. My 8 weeks in basic training is going to be tortureous no matter what, but it will be absolute HELL if I let them get into my head..especially the way things are up there lol. I’ve decided I’m not really going to drink until halloween. That is only about 6 weeks away. No one thinks I can do it. Thats what I like most about it. I’m not saying I won’t have A beer or 2, but I’m DEFINATELY not going to get drunk and be stupid. I’ll still go to parties and suck, but I’ll offer to drive since I can’t drink and drive. I’m going to make working out a priority! That is for sure. I have several things I need to work on, because I want to be prepared for when I go to Great Lakes. I’d really like to lose about 10lbs before halloween also. I have 3 costumes (PS Halloween is my favorite holiday so I celebrate for like…a whole week!) and only 1 of them is okay for me to wear at this time. Its a sailor..somewhat cliche’ I know, but its sortof ironic since I’m goign to the navy so that’s why I bought it. The other ones are Ms. Evil Kenivil and its a 1 piece white dress type thing..You can TOTALLY see my rolls through it though. and the last one is Heidi from Tool Time. I think it would be cute to wear like a white tanktop/1/2 shirt cutoff daisy dukes & a tool belt with some boots..I thknk that would be adorable, but it won’t look too good on a whale. Soo the stuff I need to work on:

Upper body strenght




Core body strenght

AKA: Pushups, pullups, running, and sit ups

Not TOO bad, but I’m going to go in trying to be able to DOUBLE my times on all things because I know I will be hungry, tired, homesick, sad, scared..etc So I’ve got to get myself OVER ready. The part I’m having the most trouble with is the upper body strength. I just can’t seem to build strong muscle there. I’m sure my diet doesn’t help any. Tomorrow I’m going to do an assessment test on myself tomorrow I will see how far I can run in 14 minutes (should be 1.5 miles) How many push ups I can do in 2 minutes (at least 47) and how many sit ups I can do in 2 minutes (at least 58)..ohhh this is going to be rough lol..especially the pushup..I’ve got to work on this upper body strength. I really don’t want to have to join a gym for the weights! I’ll let you guys know tomorrow how everything goes. Wish me luck!


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