He met a girl. He met a beautiful beautiful girl. God, she is gorgeous. Absoutely beautiful. Tall, thin, dark mahogany hair, very Greek looking.  I don’t understand how someone can go from not knowing a person, to befriending them on facebook, to sending messages, to using their 1 phone call per day to call that person. ..and I’m out every night working at a bar where hundreds of people go..and I haven’t had a date in over a year. How does this happen? He’s honestly not that good looking..actually, he’s not very good looking at all. Maybe he’ll eventually get past the looks and realize the girl is dumb as a rock..nah. I doubt it. She’s way too gorgeous. I can’t even dream of being that pretty. He hasn’t talked to me in weeks. He’s on his way home I guess…to see her. He didn’t tell me he was coming home. I guess I’m no longer  important. Thats to be expected. I’m usually not.


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