I’m going to go get my hair cut today. ..well, not like chopped off, just trimmed. I can’t wait til I get it complete chopped off though..even though I’ll probably look absolutely rediculous. Thats why I have to keep up this diet. If I have time I’m going to go buy a tanning package too. I need to do things to feel better. I’m so down on myself and its beginning to show to everyone. My customers, my family, my sorority and everyone can see it. Tanning always makes me feel better. I think when you’re tan you look thinner too. I’m looking around at my area gyms too since I can’t work out at the school anymore since I’m not a student. None of them have tanning beds but that would be awesome if they did. Well, one does, but thats where all the kids I went to high school with go and its mostly guys and I’d just prefer to stay away from there. No thanks! okay well I have to work at 5, so I’d better head to the salon since myhairs so long and it takes forever to do. Have a good day.


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