Best quote ever! :

“There are times when we’re limited only by what our minds deem fesible, failing to realize what, through additional focus and effort, can actually be achieved.”–

I forget who the guy was that said it, but he’s a long distance runner..runs like 30 some miles A DAY! Could you imagine running that far? damn NOT ME.

3That will be me..except my dog would eat that mutt for breakfast lol I have a german sheppard.


I’m doing well. Not good, not bad, just well. I’m at the lowest I’ve been in a while. Still 17.3 lbs from my goal weight, but I have lost 5lbs in 3-4days. I got those new hydroxycut advanced packets that you pour into your water. They actually work! I wasn’t hungry allllll day yesterday..Then again I’m not sure what/who I was yesterday with the mix of chemicals I decided to put into myself. hydroxycut. weed. alcohol. weed. hydroxycut. 2 7.5’s. blow. alcohol. countless cigarettes. blow. weed….Then came the 3am mcdonalds..fuuuuck. It didn’t even taste good because i was so numb from the blow…Now today my stomach is all fucked up from God only knows what..I’m just going to convince myself that its because my period is ending and not all the fucked up shit I did last night. I figured out that I don’t need to drink to enjoy a party as long as I’m in a good mood and can get a little fucked up. No one even knew I was fucked up last night. Thats the best part. Its not like when I’m too drunk to stand. I can still get that feeling without anyone even knowing.

I need to just give up on boys. I’m leaving soon anyway, so I don’t know why I bother even thinking that there would be even the slightest possibility that someone would want anything to do with me. I don’t want to start a relationship because I know for a fact that will make boot camp harder on me..well both of us. I know how I missed Sean while he was away and we weren’t even together anymore…Then again maybe it would make it easier on me? Knowing that I had someone that loved me waiting for me back home?..or worse knowing that I loved someone back home that could be doing God only knows what…Any opinions?

PS I think tanning makes me feel better..

Anyways, write that quote down & keep it somewhere special to remind you to take it to the limit. Its mind over matter ladies & gents and it IS possible.


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