I don’t need food anymore šŸ™‚ These hydroxycut things are fucking amazing! I can’t even express it! Yesterday I ate 1 reese cup. Thats it. Today I had 2 french fries, about 6 sticks of celery with some bleu (oops), then I took a perk 10 & got the shakes & felt sick, probably cuz i barely had any food in my system so I drank 1/2 a cup of regular pepsi and ate about a cup full of plain salted chips. I felt better after that. I can’t believe how I’m doing this! If this is all it took all along I could’ve been so thin by now. But now I’m at 146.0 I was at 147 this morning. I can’t wait to see how much drops over night! I WILL be thin by halloween! 17lbs to go!! lost 6lbs in less than a week. I love not eating! I’m getting tan too. Things might be looking up. I need to lay off these pills tho..its gettin bad.


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