Ate shrooms for the first time the other night. It was mind-altering haha. I puked afterwards, but still, I’m glad I did it. Everyone’s trips are different. Mine was like everything was a story. No wonder some of the best artists, musicians, and film makers were fucked up on drugs while they made some of their best works. I used to draw all the time and The other night I drew a picture of a dead tree for my friend who was tripping with me and it was like the lines drew themselves, it turned out to be a really great picture. That night all I wanted was for people to be happy lol..even though I was miserable and I kept telling people there would be “no time” haha cuz I knew the good times would end. When my roommate and I were walking around town on our way back to the apartment she thought everything looked cool, or evil, or colorful etc. and we walked by a house and she said it looked scary and I said it was “sad” lol because no one lived there anymore..I wish I could be on shrooms 24/7..that would be pretty cool…even though at like 5:30 am after I puked all I wanted to do was freakin go to bed and I couldn’t so I drove around town in the freezing pouring rain until 7:45 so I could wait for my mom to leave for work and go home before my dad woke up hahah still didn’t get to sleep til almost 10 am then had to work at was a long night.


I haven’t weighed lately..and I haven’t tanned in the last 3 days. I will tomorrow. and I’ll buy another 30 day package. I just feel fat lately. I need to lose weight before halloween and especially before hawaii. Sean said “yeah you do look pretty swollen in some of your pictures. Did you get stung by something.?” Fucking ass hole. I know I’m not as skinny as I was when we were together and I’m working on getting back to that, but the truth is I’m really not trying that hard. I don’t do sit ups anymore, I smoke;therefore I don’t run, and I don’t do workout tapes OR pushups anymore..I don’t do anything at all besides sleep and eat..guarentee I’m back up in weight again.


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