Back in the 130’s!!…weighed this morning and I was 139.0 that is 1.1lbs less than last night. I haven’t been doing anything at all. I sleep, work, and drive around. I pretty much quit drinking, so I think that’s helped. I went from 152.8 to 139.0 in less than a month, but of course thats the same thing that happened last time. and then once I got to about 137 i plateaued and really had to work hard for every pound I lost. Oh well, I’ll take it as it comes, but I’m really excited that I actually met my goal for once. I wanted to be 140 by halloween and I actually EXCEEDED it. But, I think the reason I haven’t been eating is 1. because I’m just always exhausted & keep my mind busy 2. smoking. I went from milds, to lights, to full flavor menthol crush, anytime I want to eat I just go smoke & dont’ want to anymore. 3. I got my tongue pierced!! I got it done 4 days ago and I still don’t really eat with it in. Soup & coffee is about it for me. I had to have a snack cake at work yesterday because I thought I was going to pass out. But yeah, the tongue ring still hurts really bad and I want to take it out constantly, but everyone keeps telling me to leave it in..even though I’ll have to take it out before I go to basic itll be out soon enough. and if it keeps me from eating, I’m allll for it. I’m glad I finally made a goal on time. I’m gonna keep it up


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  1. @idealxperfection – Thanks for the comment! Yeah I used to be a distance runner and I took off the other day for a run and I thought my time would be cut majorly, but it really hasn’t. and since I’m headed to the military in a little over a month I have to quit because I can’t smoke there, but I wouldn’t say I actually get cravings for nicotene or anything, so hopefully it won’t be that hard. Thanks for the encouragement. Stay strong.

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