Lowest weight in almost a year. 138.6..which isn’t exactly low for me at all seeing as how 2 years ago I was a little over 120, but its all part of the path. I just have to keep going. I’m not going to lose 20 lbs over night, it takes time. Time that I am willing to give. One of my coworkers..who is tiny tiny tiny! said to me the other day “Sara, you look really tiny, not that you ever looked big, but you look really little. Are you losing weight?” My answer of course “Me? Really? ha noo I wish though.” It added a boost of confindence for me..but no one else is noticing..I guess its a good thing because 2 years ago people were freaking out and I didn’t want anyone to know and now its like I just need someone to notice because I can’t. 14 lbs gone in less than a month & no one notices?? jee thanks lol. Oh well, all that matters is what I think anyone. Screw everyone else! Yesterday I just wasn’t hungry at all I had 3 tiny bites (because of my tongue ring I can’t take normal bites) of a turkey sub on wheat with light ranch and then accidently left it at work..oh well for that one..and then got the late night munchies & ate 2 fudge shoppe grahm crackers with chocolate on them..ewww..BUT it helped my from not running to the kitchen & heating up left overs so I guess it could have been worse. Its 2:30 now and I haven’t eaten..I’d like to go out to eat with my family tonight since we don’t spend much time together, but the only thing i’m really craving is a salad so I guess thats not too bad.I bet I could be 136 tomorrow though if I don’t eat today. We’ll see how it works out 🙂  ..Now off to cause some trouble 😉


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