Didn’t eat ALLL day today! I’m pretty proud of myself. I worked at the bar from 11am-3am and didn’t touch a single morsel of food! I DID, however, have a mocha from mcdonalds..bad bad I know. I need to avoid those silly things and just get coffee, but they’re just so dang good! Oh, and I had 1 beer while me & 2 of my co-workers got locked INSIDE the bar after close..it was pretty funny. we didn’t get out for a whole hour! Oh boy, but this is a short post because its 5am & I am absolutely EXHAUSTED! Thank Goodness for Adderall! lol. I’ll weigh in the morning (afternoon) when I wake up & let y’all know how I’m doin. I’m hoping for a new current low..136 maybe?..well lets not get those hopes too high. I’d be satisfied as long as I’m under 138. I’m actually excited? to weigh myself tomorrow morning?! wtf lol..thats how ya know you’ve been doing well.


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