Last night I found out one of my guy friends died yesterday. & that I had actually seen the crash. I was almos tin bed when I found out so I had shorts & a hoodie on I put on my ugg boots & ran down the steps bawling told my mom the story then wen’t down to my old roommates house where we pretty much just cried for hours. I had 3/4 of a beer, binged on 3 of those small pre-made sugar cookies with the pictures on them (so that i could drive my car (I have a blow & go)), Then when I got home I couldn’t sleep so I ate like a billion potato chips! damn..& I was doing so good yesterday too. Oh well, I work at 5 today, so maybe I just won’t eat at all. Its already after 3 and I haven’t eaten so another 11-12 hours shouldn’t be too bad. Maybe I’ll just stop by go mart & get a lg black coffee. Getting ready to weigh..If its below 137.0 I’ll post, if not..well you know the story.


Well I had some extra time before I went to work so i guess I’ll write even though I’m above 137. I weighed in at 137.6..I guess I deserve it, but its not going to stay that way. By the time I get home from work it will be less. I’ll make sure of it. I swept my parents porch/ sidewalk/ enormous drive way to burn some extra calories. Our house is pretty much surrounded by pine trees so once fall hits the needles fall off like crazy! If I would have like bagged them up I probably would’ve gotten a whole garbage bag full of those damn little needles. It took a little over a 1/2 hour so that plus walking around the bar tonight serving drunks should burn a lot too. Hopefully I make some money tonight. I really need it. Especially if I’m going to Hawaii in 13 days!! hmm 7 lbs in 13 days..well Lets see how we do. I’m gonna work super hard on this that way while I’m down there I can just party and have a good time and not worry too much about weight..then when I get back I’ll just survey the damage and fix it..but while I’m in FUCKING HAWAII I don’t want to have to worry about this shit.


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  1. Wow, I’m SO sorry about your friend! That’s horrible, I hope your doing ok.. Seriously try not to beat urself up over the binge after that, you already are dealing with so much worrying about eating chips and all shouldn’t stress you further ( but I do understand how it can!)  What motivation to get thin!! Hawaii??? Sooo lucky!! Ugh, lawn work is actually really good exercise…lol I spent forever this past weekend raking my mothers lawn and my arms were so sore afterwards! Take care hun, L

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