Grrr! still 137.6 ..I guess it serves me right though. I ate 2 pickles at work, plus 3 chicken wings that I messed up, then I drank 1/2 a corona with lime..Stupid stupid stupid. I mean I guess that calorie intake wasn’t THAT bad, but I even told myself that I needed to lose that .6!

I have this dress that I bought almost 2 years ago that I’ve never been able to wear except for the day I bought it. I tried it on again tonight and I could probably zip it the rest of the way up if I had someone helping me do it. I am determined to fit into it by Hawaii..which is now T-minus 12 days. I know if I lose that last 7.6 lbs I can do it. I mean it practically zips up now. I want to wear it and go to a very very nice expensive restaurant for my birthday..alllll by myself and I’m going to sit at the bar, order something delicious and order a very classy glass of wine. I think that sounds adorable. Who knows maybe I’ll meet a stranger that wants to pay for my meal? lol..or kidnap me..shittt that’d be my luck. Think someones buying me a drink then get thrown into a big white kidnapping van lol. Oh well, at least I’d be kidnapped in Hawaii haha. Actually thats not even funny to joke about. i better not jynx myself.  I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow.

Check list

[] clean room

[] get some stuff pre-packed

[started it] make a list of stuff I’ll need for my trip

[] clean the house a little for mom

[x] lose that damn .6 lbs!

[x] bank to deposit money from work tonight

[x] tanning bed for another package that I’m probably going to only use 1/2 of

[x] Adam’s viewing from 5-7

I think thats all for now. Wonder how much I’ll actually get done ?



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