Still 135.8 this afterrnoon and when I weighed at 5:30. I haven’t eaten all day. I did have about 1/4 cup of black coffee, but i just couldnt’ really make myself drink it. I think I’m going to quit smoking. I liked it at first & especially when I would get a nicotene buzz, but now its just lame & I think its starting to make me sick. Oh well, it;ll be for the best when I start training with the Navy too. I’m going to applebees with my family and I’m absolutely STARVING Its been almost 3 days without eating..over 48 hours for sure. and now I’m really hungry. I really scared I’m going to binge though. I’m going to look up the menu online for something good to eat that will fill me up fast. I’m going to drink TONS of water while I eat & especially before the food comes. Salad fills me up and with fat free dressing its not bad for me, but I am craving something with some substance..ugh idk what to do!

Well I ended up deciding on the Garlic Herb chicken from the weight watcher’s menu and a side salad with light italian dressing. Not too bad I suppose. It came with a few sliced baked potatoes and some steamed broccoli which was amazing I LOVE steamed veggies. Hopefully the cals weren’t too high because I came home & chowwed down on 3 of the mini sized pull  & peel twizlers..ohh well. See? That’s what I hate about eating. If I just don’t eat, I’m fine, but as soon as I put that fork to my mouth it seems to never stop.

Intake : 3/4 grilled garlic herb chicken, 5 potato slices, about 1cup 1/2 steamed broccoli, side house salad 5 croutons 2 cucumber slices and light italian dressing, and 3 pull & peel twislers..

Damn I sure did some damage in 1 hour’s time.. Oh well, better tomorrow. MUST  CLEAN ROOM!


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