Awl Man… This WHOLE weekend, since Thursday, has been BINGE CITY 2009!..I finally weighed myself today for the first time since then, thinking that I had probably put at least 5 pounds back on..thankfully I was wrong. I’ll say “oh well” as if its no big deal where really it is, but Oh Well, I have my body back to thinking that its going to get food on a regular basis and shhh..don’t tell..but ITS NOT! I leave for Hawaii on Sunday. I’m at 137 right now, but it shouldn’t be hard at all to drop those 7lbs especially since I guarentee that its at least 3 lbs water weight…1 problem.. I think I’m about to start my period this week..its totally going to suck cuz i’ll be on the rag and wearing a fucking bathing suit and completely bloated like no other, but hey..I can’t complain too much..I’ll be in HAWAII! I work tomorrow and tuesday and I have a TON of stuff to get done, so as long as I stay away from the kitchen and keep my mind busy I should be fine. No drinking this week. AT ALL. I’ll let ya know how its going. Wish me luck!


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