Running on Empty & I love it! Lost another pound from last night. I’m glad I was right about the weight I gained back being water weight. Now I’m just prayin that I don’t get too bloated when I start my period..IF I even start it on time. Last time I lost a lot of weight it held off a week or 2 & was super light.

I finished reading “The Best Little Girl in the World” the other day. It was a pretty good book, probably a book to recommend to a family member or someone like that who knows someone dealing with an ED instead of actually the person with the ED. It would help them to understand that it actually IS a disease and not just a “game” that many people think it is. It talks of the alternate personality that our ED has become and how it is a part of us just like anything else we do, except we hate it. It is the little devil that sits on your shoulder that you see in cartoons. It talks of the thousands of rituals we go through every hour of every day…it evem made me realize I have more than I already know about. Like when I am eating, if I have more than 1 type of food on my plate, they can’t touch ( I just thought that was me being picky), and when I am eating it I have to eat ALL the green beans first, then move on to the Turkey, eat ALL of it, then move onto the next food…so its not like a bite of mashed potatoes then a bite of turkey…strange, I know.Well I’ve gotta get ready for work. HAWAII IN 4 DAYS!! and only 2 lbs to go. I can do this!


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