Lost it! 135.8 must be my magic number? That’s what I’m at again. I weighed 3 times because sometimes my scale gives me different numbers and 1 of the times it said 135.6, but i dunno. Anyways..Last night’s laxative was a TERRIBLE  idea!. I know I needed one just because I hadn’t uhh..ya know’d..in at least 3 days and I had actually been eating a lot, so I knew there was a problem. The package said “gentle releaf by the time you wake up.” HA! There was hardly anything gentle about it at all, and the only reason I work up was at 7:15am when I though i was going to die because of stomach cramps I’d been having for the last 5 hours. They were so bad I only got 3 hours of sleep last night! The cramps and (this is gross, so if you have a weak stomach don’t read it) watery substances continued ALL day at work today and I woke up froma  nap around 9 and had to pray to the porcelean gods AGAIN!..This shit’s rediculous! Litterally!…But since I only had a sandwich and some celery & cauliflower today It has dropped my weight by more than 3 lbs over night. I can see how something like that would get addictive. I want to go out tonight for a while, but I have a lot of packing to do and I don’t really want to get dressed & ready either..Oh well, I need to get out of the house before my parents get home. I know I need to spend time with them since I’m leaving for a week, but I’ve just got to get away from this town for a while, so I can TRY to collect my head.


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  1. Which is why I’ve always been a tad bit scared to take laxies… Knowing my luck, I’d be stuck out in public with that problem! Be careful though, I heard a lot of the weight you lose taking laxatives is water weight and you can actually become dehydrated from taking them, although I think that’s if you take a lot? Who knows… Take care hun, L

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