UGH! How am I GAINING weight?! I fucked up this morning & had a caramel latte..probably like a billion calories in it, but other than that I just had 2 salads with fat free dressing..Oh and a french fry but I could swear all I could taste was the grease in it, so that was the end of the fries. I feel like I even look like I’m fatter too! Although…I did finally get that dress that I’ve been staring at in my close for the last 5 months to ZIP! & it actually doesn’t look too bad. I wish it wasn’t a tube top though. It makes my chest/stomach look really tiny, but my shoulders & arms look HUGE. I’m taking it anyway. I think I have been gaining weight because (this might be gross) I haven’t #2’d in like 3 days!..I took some laxatives so that should help, I don’t like to take them often because I don’t want to mess my body up more than it already is. Also, I hear all kinds of crazy stories about how girls get hooked on them & can’t do it on their own.. That scares me..Well I need to finish packing..Plane leaves in exactly 48 hours!!


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