Size small Abercrombie!!..t shirt at least. Its still pretty tight, but I don’t have a gut sticking out or anything. I’m losing weight and I didn’t even realize it, nor have I been doing anything AT ALL I’m working about 6 days a week now so I don’t really have time to do anything. I sleep all day & work all night & as long as I can manage to not think about food at work, then I just don’t eat at all. At work a couple of nights ago one of our regulars, who told me about 4 months ago that I “looked like I was gaining weight. Are you sure you’re not pregnant?”..said 2 nights ago that I was losing too much weight. Its definately not too much I just have about 7 lbs to go and then I’ll be half decent My ultimate goal is 12 lbs away 🙂 I’m positive I can do it 🙂


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