I am finally able to close one chapter of my life and continue on with another. (Hopefully a better one) I had court today. It has been going on for almost a year and I thought it would never end. So, I walked into court today with my recruiter and my lawyer came out of the court room into the lobby with this wicked smile on his face. Usually when he looks like that it is continued again..so my heart just dropped! He then said that the court would be willing to drop the aiding & transfering charges if I would plead “no contest” to disorderly conduct..which made absolutely NO SENSE at all because the charge wasn’t even relevent. I denied the plea bargain and ended up getting 40 hours of community service and if I complete it by March 1st then they will drop all charges completely!! This honestly could have not worked out any better!! I feel the weight of 360 days lifted off my shoulders. The weight of my family’s pain and embarassment is gone. I’m not as depressed and I don’t have all of this BS in the back of my mind at all times. I can finally go on with my life and just LIVE!. I can’t wait to live..I know that probably sounds funny, but I’ve been dead for more than a year now and I feel like my life is starting over and I can’t wait to start off with a clean slate. As of march 1st the aiding & transferring and the DUI will be off my record. Therefore, I will be able to enlist right after that and then my recruiter said it would be about 2 months after that that I would be able to leave for boot camp.

I have kept up my drug free promise and I am really proud of myself for that. Now, I just need to get my workout schedule back on track that way I will be ready for boot. I know I won’t be the most fit person there, but as long as I’m not the worst that’s okay with me. I have over 3 months to get ready and as long as I can pass the fitness test at the end of boot before I go, I will be content. I’ve got to build stamina and work on some serious upper body strength, plus my swimming test. I need to find a workout partner, so I can still go to the rec center at the school since I’m not a student anymore.

Wow.. I can finally breathe! This is great.


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