Today= Quit smoking. I smoked my last pack. I smoked my last cigarette. I’ve been doing situps, push ups, and using my ab wheel to prepare for boot camp. Haven’t yet started the running portion yet, but I can definately tell that smoking is putting a hurtin’ on my breathing. I haven’t been a “smoker” for very long..since about august, so it shouldn’t be hard for me to quit. I don’t get headaches because I need nicotene or anything like that, its just to “boredom” perspective and the point that I work in a bar that will be the hardest to get over. I don’t really smoke at home, only when I’m driving or at work so that I can get that extra break every once in a while. But today, I’ve bought my last pack. Eli is going to owe me $100!! haha that’ll sure help out lol.

Tomorrow’s to-do list:

Wake up around 1 (I know that sounds late, but I didn’t get off work til 3am and now its almost 5)


Go to the bank to deposit money & cash check

Go to the HealthPlex and sign up for a month/3 months

Workout ( I need to get a good one in to kick it off)

Clean room

…That’s about it.

I’m going to make the list of things I need to do to pass boot camp and take it to the gym with me. I know for a fact that I’m not going to be able to do them all right off the bat, but I will run the full 1.5 miles and see how long it takes me, plus the sit-ups, and push ups then I will record my times and do that each week until I finally start gradually working my way up with times until I finally reach the goals. I can do this and I’m finally ready! I can’t wait for my life to finally begin!!


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